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Do you know how to unclog a drain or take care of a leaky faucet? It isn't always easy to know how to take care of a plumbing problem, which is why you should work with professionals to handle the task. I started working with a professional plumber a few years ago after we started having problems with our drains, and it was great not to have to stress about the job. I wanted to start a blog dedicated to handling plumbing tasks, so that you know how to resolve challenges without a bunch of unneeded stress every single day.



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3 Plumbing System Replacement Mistakes To Avoid

When you buy an older home, there are several improvements that you will have to likely make. Your home's plumbing could be one of the changes that are required. If the plumbing is old and inefficient, a complete replacement might be necessary. Due to how costly the replacement could be, it is important that you avoid making mistakes when doing it. To help you prevent costly errors, here are some preventable mistakes you should avoid.

Mismatching the Pipes

One of the most commonly made mistakes that is made by inexperienced do-it-yourself plumbers is mismatching the plumbing pipes. When the pipes are mismatched, they are more susceptible to corrosion. When they start to corrode, leaking will occur and you could have a bigger plumbing issue on your hands.

To prevent this, take the time to research the types of pipes that can be mixed together. You also need to know which fittings are appropriate to use. If you are unsure about the pipes or fitting, consult with a plumber.

Ignoring Local Building Codes

The building codes not only apply to the other areas of your home, but also your plumbing system. If the system you install does not meet the standards set in your area, you could be forced to remove some or all plumbing. This mistake could prove to be one of the costliest you make.

To avoid this, find out what the building codes are for your area before you start. Once you have planned your plumbing system, you need to submit your plans to the local code enforcement to receive a permit. During the installation of the system, make sure you schedule the necessary checks by code enforcement. If there is a problem, it is better to know sooner rather than later.

Failing to Slope the Shower Drain

The shower drain might seem like one of the easier elements to install in your home, but there is room for error. For instance, if the shower drain is not sloped, anyone who uses the shower could be faced with standing in water. The standing water could create a problem with mildew.

The shower drain slope has to also meet the standards of your local codes. Once you know the standards, you can work on getting the inserts and layers for the shower drain angled correctly.

To make sure your home's replacement plumbing system is installed correctly, contract with a plumber from companies like Arnold  &  Sons_Plumbing Sewer &  Drain Services