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Do you know how to unclog a drain or take care of a leaky faucet? It isn't always easy to know how to take care of a plumbing problem, which is why you should work with professionals to handle the task. I started working with a professional plumber a few years ago after we started having problems with our drains, and it was great not to have to stress about the job. I wanted to start a blog dedicated to handling plumbing tasks, so that you know how to resolve challenges without a bunch of unneeded stress every single day.



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Here's How Your Household Can Benefit From A Programmable Thermostat

Whether your HVAC system is brand new or more than a decade old, it's a good idea to consider having a programmable thermostat installed in your home. Your household is sure to benefit in a few important ways, such as:

Control Temperatures From Anywhere

One of the best things about having a new programmable thermostat installed in your home is that you'll be able to control indoor temperatures from anywhere in the world, whether you're working or on vacation. This can come in handy if you don't want the kids messing with the thermostat when you aren't around or if you leave pets in the house alone at any time.

Avoid Chilly Mornings and Evenings

Because you can control your home's indoor temperatures while away from home and because you can program your HVAC system to heat or cool your home at specific times of the day, it's easy to avoid having to deal with chilly mornings and evenings when you've installed a programmable thermostat.

During the winter, you can program your HVAC system to start heating your home up an hour or so before everyone starts getting out of bed and before everyone comes home after work and school in the afternoons. And you can do the same thing with your cooling system when summer time comes around.

Keep Your Energy Bills Manageable

As long as your committed to properly using your programmable thermostat on a consistent basis, you can save your household up to 15 percent on energy costs every year. It's important to choose a model that can be specifically customized to your schedule so you're more likely to continue efficiently using it as time goes on. There are a variety of models to choose from including:

  • Full Week Scheduling – Simply create one schedule for your thermostat to adhere to on a daily basis.

  • 7-Day Programming – Choose a different custom schedule for every day of the week to meet your family's hectic lifestyle.

  • 5-2 Programming – Set up one schedule for weekdays when people are rarely home and another for weekends when the household is typically occupied.

Once your service provider understands your family's lifestyle and schedule, they should be able to present you with a variety of programmable thermostat model options that would best meet your needs.

These are just a few of the impressive benefits you and your family can expect to take advantage of after having a new programmable thermostat installed in your home. Contact a company like Doctor Fix-It for more information and assistance.